Genome Canada

The Canada Gairdner Awards are no stranger to the genomics field. In 2002 we celebrated the year of the genome giving Awards of Merit to Dr. Collins and Dr. Watson. We also gave out 8 International Awards within the genomics field including Dr. Craig Venter Dr. Eric Lander and now we see how these discoveries have influenced a diverse field of research.

The Gairdner Foundation and Genome Canada have a long-standing relationship. Together we have hosted two symposiums on genomics. These symposia were both a unique gathering of Canadian and  international innovators. The audience was filled with renowned genomics researchers, federal and provincial politicians and government policy makers, key stakeholders from academia, industry and not-for-profits, media thought leaders and graduate and PhD students representing the next generation of innovators in this cutting-edge field. To learn more about the partnership visit our post-conference magazine: