Brandt C. Louie

DirectorVancouver, British Columbia, Canada

After graduating from the University of British Columbia in 1966, Brandt Louie worked as a chartered accountant for the firm Touche Ross in both Vancouver and Montreal. He joined H.Y. Louie Company Ltd. in 1972, at his father's behest. Mr. Louie replaced his father as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer 15 years later, after an apprenticeship that included everything from meat cutting to stocking shelves. Mr. Louie is also director of the Royal Bank of Canada, Chancellor of BC-based Simon Fraser University and Chairman of the Board, London Drugs Limited, among a daunting list of other business and charitable boards.

As his father before him, Louie reviews many of the requests for donations that inundate his office. A family and a corporate foundation give an estimated $700,000 annually, in addition to initiatives at individual stores. Recipients, spread among the 70 health and medical regions in the company's service area, include schools, museums, children's charities and scholarships. A London Drugs donation to the Vancouver Maritime Museum financed the opening in February of The Watery Kingdom, an exhibit of ancient Chinese mariners.